Food,Treats and Accessories


For Dogs, Cats, Wild Birds, Farm and Small Animals

At Southridge Farms Pet & Feed Barn, we also believe in “only the best”, just like in the store!

All our pet food, whether it be kibble or raw, treats or chews, is of the highest quality.  The same applies to feed for the smaller members of the pet family; rabbits, guinea-pigs, etc., we have only the best for them too, in food and bedding.
Again, all toys and equipment [leashes, harnesses, Haltis, collars, grooming tools, etc.] for both cats and dogs, are made to last.  We also have feed supplements and shampoo.

Then there’s all the farm feed; sheep text, chicken feed, etc.; and the wild bird feed as well…….quality all down the line.  And, if we don’t have it in stock, ask! We may be able to order it in!

Though we are small, we have a good selection, a bit of everything; as the slogan says; “From Horses To Hamsters, We  Feed Them All”……..Oh!  and don’t forget the fish food, aquarium or pond!